Our firm is fundamentally different than a traditional private equity firm. We represent a “third option” for owners and management teams that do not want to sell to a competitor or be limited by the short-term investment horizons private equity firms commonly provide.

We believe it takes time to build a great business and invest from a permanent, deeply aligned capital base with no outside pressure for liquidity. Our decisions are not driven by fundraising cycles or the pressure to sell a great business prematurely to demonstrate success to limited partners. This allows management to focus their time on creating a thriving business and durable value over the long term.

Our senior team has invested several billion dollars of capital over multiple decades and multiple business cycles across a wide range of industries. Our backgrounds and experience allow us to operate with speed, certainty and creativity and bring a global network of resources.

We have great flexibility to focus on the transition of a business, not just a transaction. Our entire team comes from a background of family business ownership, both personally and professionally, and look at time horizons multi-generationally instead of in 2-5 year increments. Our mission and purpose is to carefully, thoughtfully, and discretely work with founders, families and management teams to facilitate the transition of closely-held companies. We partner to design tailored solutions that preserve legacies as well as invest in communities and employees while positioning the business for accelerated long term success. We make every decision like we will invest and partner with our businesses forever and our capital base, track record and relationships support it.